Long-Care Care: Now is the Time to Look Ahead


Long-Care Care: Now is the time to look ahead Written and provided by Waddell & Reed, Inc. Why be concerned about long-term care now? Long-term care affects more than the elderly, as some younger people require it as a result of accidents, strokes or chronic illnesses. Medicare does not cover most long-term care expenses, which can add up significantly, … [Read more...]

Tips to Manage Your Retirement Income

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One of the things that many retired individuals worry about is running out of money while they are retired. In fact, this is something that many people worry about before they even retire! The following are a few helpful tips for Texas seniors to help manage their retirement income: Invest your money – Simply putting your money away in an account … [Read more...]

Wonderful Dog Breeds for Seniors

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Companionship is something that every human being needs. Once we stop working and retire, we often don’t have as much human connection in our daily lives as we did while we were at work. This is why getting a dog is such a great idea. Dogs are fantastic companions. The following are a few breeds that are perfect for seniors: Poodles – Poodles … [Read more...]

The Power of Flexible Schedules: Work and Be a Caretaker at the Same Time

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Studies have shown that work flexibility is something that can actually make people more productive at work. As such, it’s not too surprising that flexible work hours can be beneficial for caregivers as well. Being a caregiver is not an easy task, whether it’s for a child or for an older parent.  It’s even more of a task for those that hold down … [Read more...]

Take Balance Classes and Reduce Your Chance of a Fall

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One of the misconceptions that many people have about senior citizens is that as they grow older, they are more prone to falls. Falling is something that can be prevented no matter what the age – however, falls can be more damaging to senior citizens, resulting in more serious injuries, such as a sprain or even a fracture. So how can you prevent possible … [Read more...]