Can a Reverse Mortgage Help Your Retirement Budget?

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It’s good to have a flexible retirement budget for when you retire. You don’t want to be too financially limited; after all, you’ll want to be able to enjoy yourself as well as be able to just live from day to day. Seniors that are having trouble with their retirement budget may want to consider getting a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage allows you … [Read more...]

Fun Affordable Hobbies to Take Up in Your Retirement

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One of the great things about retiring is that all of the sudden, you’ll have a ton of free time on your hands to do what you want! Of course, filling this free time can be a challenge to some, which is why we recommend taking up a hobby or two. The following are a few ideas for hobbies you can pick up: Drawing – Drawing is a relaxing and very … [Read more...]

Find Regular Support in Texas to Help You Handle Life With a Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s

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Alzheimer’s is a terrible affliction that is incredibly difficult to live. However, it’s also quite difficult to learn how to live with someone that has Alzheimer’s and to take care of them. Fortunately, there are support groups all over the state of Texas that can help you and your family member suffering from Alzheimer’s to learn how to cope with the … [Read more...]

Join the Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Support Group in San Antonio

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Dealing with the onset of Alzheimer’s is an incredibly difficult experience, both for those who have been afflicted with the disease and family members of those that have been afflicted. We recommend joining the Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Support Group in order to obtain emotional, educational and social support. The Early Stage Support Group … [Read more...]

Senior Caregivers Can Take This Free Class in San Antonio

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Providing care for a senior family member is not an easy task. The responsibility requires more than just checking in on him or her on a daily basis – odds are you may have to help with cooking, bathing, dressing, medicating and more. As such, it’s wise to educate yourself as much as possible about care giving. Fortunately, there are plenty of senior caretaker … [Read more...]